Energy & Utility

The Energy industry is rapidly transitioning to a digitalized core operations and a decarbonized future. The future demand for oil and gas will be driven by sectors such as chemicals and aviation, setting off new business dynamics in the industry. To adapt and thrive in a world that rewards sustainable practices, energy enterprises are focusing on improving operational efficiency by accelerating the digital transformation of their core operations combined with a focus on net zero while diversifying into renewables. As a result, the industry will reinvent itself by modernizing its IT and scaling its digital pilots into production.

Talent Junction already powering the digital transformation of energy organizations with technology solutions and services that not only help them achieve their core operations goals of safety, reliability, efficiency, and profitability but also help monitor, track, account, and report carbon footprint and assist in trading carbon credits through holistic emissions management and decarbonization of operations, and expansion into renewables.

Talent Junction comprehensive next generations solutions are designed for upstream, oilfield services , midstream, downstream, and renewables. Our industrial DNA and technology expertise delivers powerful real-time advanced analytics and decision support capabilities to several global clients and is helping them adopt an array of emerging technologies to enhance their entire value chain.

Utilities – Work and Asset Management

Utilities are moving towards clean energy, and renewable generation is becoming an essential part of utility infrastructure. Digital Transformation brings up a lot of challenges for utilities that want to become next-generation utilities, as most of the systems are more than a decade old that involve paperwork with a lot of handoffs. Utilities are moving towards clean energy and renewable generation is becoming an important part of utility infrastructure. This brings up the need for managing new assets, along with old assets, and providing services without downtime is very critical.

Utilities throughout the world are facing an unprecedented change. New tools and strategies are required for capital-intensive companies to stay competitive in the marketplace. Better use of spatial data is one of the key areas of focus for many electrical, gas, and water utilities.

Improved hardware, software, and networking technology have created opportunities for the utility industry to build and benefit from more comprehensive and sophisticated GIS. The ability to attract new customers or retain the existing ones in a competitive market will depend on efficient operations that deliver high-quality service at reduced costs. The accurate and efficient methodologies for engineering analysis and creative design strategy offered by GIS technology will be key to fulfilling this objective.

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