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Helping businesses match great talents to great opportunities. We enable manufacturers by providing IT staffing and technology consultancy services in an evolving manufacturing landscape to meet or exceed production goals.


Automotive companies are embracing new technologies to improve productivity, product quality and customer service, amidst large-scale disruptions brought on by the digital wave. IT solutions leveraging Cloud, Analytics, Smart Manufacturing, and Mobility look promising for OEMs looking to reinvigorate their operations at lower costs.

Engineering & Construction Industry Trends

Global Engineering and Construction (E&C) companies have seen some really challenging times in the recent past, amidst uncertain macroeconomic conditions and a rising trend of inorganic consolidation. Firms are eyeing diversification to tap the growth in emerging markets, as well as to expand offerings to effectively cater to demanding customers. The complexity of E&C projects is only growing. Meanwhile, disparate business processes, dynamic regulatory norms, increased execution risk and technological innovations have led to severe margin pressures in the industry. E&C organizations will need to establish more efficient, integrated workflows, and enhance their risk management practices to stay profitable in the face of volatility.

Talent Junction helps E&C and engineering consulting firms optimize their IT operations, and integrate operational parameters with enterprise-level decision-making processes. E&C companies can reduce operational cost & complexity, and effectively address project risks and compliance with SAP solutions. Talent Junction, with its strong domain experience and industry experts, helps Engineering & Construction (E&C) companies to simplify, innovate and accelerate projects. We offer end-to-end solutions, which address the processes, right from bidding to complete execution.

Capturing vast intricacies pertaining to multiple dimensions during planning and execution of large-scale Engineering, Construction & Operations (EC&O) projects, and effectively tracking & harnessing them for clinical execution, is one of the key success factors in the EC&O industry. Traditionally, enterprises have strived hard to achieve this goal in constrained environments, with highly industry-specific process nuances & data, fragmented processes, heterogeneous landscapes, high physical-digital divide. Talent Junction has blended its deep industry expertise with S/4HANA & Cloud Innovation capabilities to create enterprise solution.

Travel, Transport and Hospitality

Many industries are moving past the disruption brought about by the pandemic. The Travel, Transport & Hospitality (TTH) industries, perhaps the hardest hit, are rapidly adapting to the new demands. They aim to offer better customer experience and safety, low contact interactions, meet changing regulations, optimize resources, and improve resilience. Simultaneously, with growing competition from non-traditional players, they are renewing their strategies to acquire new customers and retain old ones.

The solution is to build new business models and replace the patchwork of technology with end-to-end digital systems. Talent Junction is moving the needle for clients in the TTH space, helping them turn “steady revival” to “fast-tracked progress.” Airlines, freight carriers, logistics companies, cruise liners, hotels, and restaurant chains have successfully used our intelligent technology to deliver seamless customer experiences, loyalty management, improve freight planning, create resilient supply chains, and build dependable demand and capacity management systems.

Talent junction is exceptionally well-placed to bring about this change. It leverages decades of experience and expertise in integrating industry-specific platforms with ERP, partner systems, virtual technologies, automation, IoT, multi-cloud environments, and data and analytics to stitch cluttered and disjointed applications and infrastructure into a unified digital system.


Right talent every time to power the critical IT, network and technology infrastructure of your business. Great talent fuels life into projects and propels your business. We help in finding such great talent. We not only help you overcome significant workforce challenges but also provide managed services that power your business functions.